Baby Sagini grandmother arrested in relation to “gouging out of his eyes”

Baby Junior Sagini’s grandmother is the latest suspect to be arraigned in connection to gouging out of his eyes. 

Ms Rael Nyakerario on Thursday appeared before a Kisii Court to face charges of causing grievous harm to the three-year-old boy. She was arrested on Wednesday evening and is among two other suspects who had earlier been arraigned.

Sagini who had been staying with her grandmother and father in their Marani home in Kisii County, was attacked and his eyes gouged out before being dumped in a maize plantation on December 13, 2022.

The other two suspects are her sister Pacifica Nyakerario and her son Alex Maina Ochogo.

The three appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno following the conclusion of investigations into the case by police officers . But the court adjourned the matter to Friday, due to the absence of interested parties in the case.
“We will not proceed to charge the three suspects following the absence of interested parties like the children’s officer and the Law Society of Kenya who have a crucial role to play in this case,” said the prosecutor- Mr Hillary Kaino.

Mr Kaino pleaded with the court to allow the suspects to be detained for one more day for the interested parties to be present during the plea taking.
“Considering the magnitude of the matter, the suspects will take plea in the presence of interested parties. This case has attracted huge public interest and the suspects will be detained at Rioma Police Station until tomorrow morning for them to face the charges,” the magistrate said.

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