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Climate-Smart agriculture and trade initiatives take centre stage at Meru National Show

By Harun Mugambi

The Meru National Show officially opened its doors to the public on Wednesday 29th May 2024, marking the start of a highly-anticipated event in the county.

The Meru County Commissioner Jacob Ouma greets the Plack Panthers Women’s Football team players during the opening of the agriculture Show at Gitoro. Photo/Harun Mugambi

The Gitoro Showground was buzzing with excitement, as Meru County Commissioner Jacob Ouma delivered his keynote address, stressing the significance of climate-smart agriculture and trade initiatives.

“I am persuaded that you will register great and memorable moments during this show and that you will derive value from the exhibitions in tandem with this year’s theme, ‘Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth,'” Mr. Ouma stated.

Mr Ouma highlighted the immense contribution that the agricultural sector makes to the economy, noting that it stands as the largest source of employment.

He further urged farmers to embrace technology and value-addition processes to increase their competitiveness and income.

Meru County Commissioner Jacob Ouma (Center) and Agricultural Show Chairman Stanley Ng’etu Mwithimbu (Left) follow the proceedings during the show.

“Meru County must be at the forefront in the quest to improve technologies in agriculture consumption both for local production and export,” the County Commissioner said

The Commissioner reiterated the commitment of the government in working closely with farmers and other stakeholders to boost agricultural productivity and eliminate reliance on imports, making Kenya a food-secure nation.

In addition, Mr. Ouma addressed the pressing issue of climate change and its impact on farmers. He urged increased efforts in afforestation and reforestation, noting the unpredictable weather patterns, unprecedented flooding, and long spells of drought that farmers are currently dealing with.

Additionally, the Commissioner noted that his office is working tirelessly to tackle illicit brew and cases of insecurity in some of the regions in the County.

With the show’s theme “Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth,” attendees were encouraged to register great and memorable moments during the exhibition.

The three days show will come to an end on Saturday with various top leaders including the Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza expected to address the farmers on Friday.

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