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Doctors cause a standstill at the County Assembly of Meru

By Joseph Murangiri

Doctors in Meru hold demonstrations at the county assembly in solidarity with the ongoing national doctor’s strike.

 The Ministry of Health has not posted them for their internship and has in return reduced the package of interns from 216 thousand to a mega amount of 50 thousand, and a reduction in salary by 91 percent.

Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union (KMPDU) Chairperson for upper eastern Denis Mugambi, while addressing the speaker of the county assembly of Meru Hon. Ayub Bundi, has presented the grievances of the doctors saying that they are languishing in poverty and posting interns at the right terms of the signed collective bargaining agreement with the government from 2017.

Dr Mugambi further noted that there is a denial of medical cover insurance for doctors across the country inclusive of the County of Meru.

“Doctors can offer health services to the patient but when they need services, they never get treatment services”, Mugambi said.

He further stated that the basic salary negotiated with the government, which was ruled legal was to be paid to doctors from the years 2017 to 2021. The particular increase in basic pay for doctors in the country until now amounts to 2.3 billion, and the doctors are yet to be paid.

Dr Mugambi urged the speaker to make sure there is a budget for the doctors to absorb the graduates in hospitals.

The speaker promised to look at all petitions and assured the demonstrating doctors that the debate in the County assembly shall be in favor of the doctor’s grievances.

MCA Abogeta East and the minority leader in the county assembly of Meru Hon DM Kiogora promised to support the doctors by setting a budget and the money used in minor projects, shall now be in the favor of doctors looking forward to fulfilling their grievances.

 Phynis Wanyasi the representative of pre-interns and interns, claimed that the decrease in salary is unimaginable, making them starve in hunger. She has noted that the doctors are living hard lives and are unable to raise the treatment expenses as the salary paid is not convenient.

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