Government to collaborate with Jua-Kali to certify artisans and craftsmen-PS Mworia

The Kenyan government will be collaborating with the Jua Kali sector in a bid to grade and award certificates to local artisans and craftsmen with no formal education- Technical and Vocational Education Principal Secretary Dr. Esther Mworia has hinted.

Speaking on Friday during the Second Graduation Ceremony at Kiirua Technical Training Institute Dr Mworia said the certification will target carpenters, cooks, drivers, masons, painters, plumbers, and welders who acquired their skills and competencies informally.

“I am very sure where you come from there is that super mechanic and mason who does their work perfectly but they have never been to any institution or certified. The state is developing a collaboration with Jua-kali to certify those skilled individuals,” Dr Mworia said.

She added the move will boost the value of their skills and enable them to compete in the region.

The PS said that three National Polytechnics have been accredited by Kenya National Qualifications Authority as Qualifications Awarding Institutions in a bid to enable certifying of the targeted Jua-Kali individuals. She added that more institutions will be accredited by KNQA to effect this certification program

The Principal Secretary Dr Mworia said an intensive assessment will be done before the issuance of certificates in a bid to ensure the awardees are good enough to be accredited.

Additionally, Mworia called on students pursuing technical courses in universities and tertiary colleges to demonstrate competency in acquired skills prior to getting approved for graduation.

The PS noted that the government has started a curriculum reform to switch the technical institutions from theory-based training to higher industry-based training, a move that she argued would skill and increase the employability of the graduands.

“The TVETS will offer 30 percent theory-based training while industry-based training will be 70 percent,” Dr Mworia added.

Mworia stated that the reforms will upgrade the skilling of graduates enabling them to work both locally and internationally.

Dr. Mworia observed that TVETs were better placed to lead to the creation of more jobs in key sectors like infrastructure development, agriculture, and manufacturing as they equip the youth with the requisite skills and competencies for targeted economic growth and prosperity of our nation. Her sentiments were echoed by Kiirua TTI Principal Dr Jackson Mbae who called on the graduands to take advantage of unoccupied business opportunities and spaces rather than lamenting about the lack of jobs.

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