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Transport Chaos as Matatu Operators Protest over alleged harassment by Meru government  

By Gerald Mukembu

Matatu and taxi operators in Meru County brought transportation to a standstill on Friday, protesting what they claim is harassment by the county government.

The protest occurred some days after two factions of Menya Sacco accused each other of mistreatment and infighting due to claims of financial misappropriations, leading to the disruption of last Friday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Menya Sacco Chairman, Rodgers Gitonga Arachi, lauded the protest denying claims of having personal interests and instead claimed that they aimed at seeking a peaceful resolution between the Meru government and Sacco.

“The day has been a success. The demos were to send a message that we were angry over last week’s incident. No loss incurred on our business or anywhere else. There was no need for police to lob teargas. I deeply thank police heads for assuring us that action must be taken and a resolution found. We believe justice will prevail,” Arachi said.

He called upon both the national and county governments to protect and promote Saccos that adhere to the law.

Arachi’s claims were however rubbished by former Chairman and Founder of Menya Sacco Julius Manyara who told him off for accusing the County government of disrupting their meeting.

Manyara refuted claims that Meru County government Askaris and hired goons disrupted the AGM meeting.

He stated, “The strike is illegal. They should stop accusing the Meru government of their mistakes. Why politicize Sacco affairs? Don’t drag the county into your mess. Arachi has destroyed Menya Sacco during his eight-year leadership.”

Euticus Nkanda, Timothy Ndumba, and Daniel Kirimi, Sacco members, pleaded with Rodgers to stop his “unnecessary cries aimed at seeking sympathy votes.”

“The chaos happened after I and many other members were denied entry into the AGM meeting. We are more than 350 Menya Sacco members, but Rodgers had invited only 90 members,” Nkanda added.

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