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WASREB to renew MEWASS license to provide water and sanitation services in Meru

Meru Water & Sewerage Services Registered Trustees (MEWASS) has been granted a go-ahead to provide water and sanitation services in Meru for the next five years in Meru County after their water and sanitation provision license was renewed by Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB).

MEWASS had earlier been granted a two years license by WASREB that was expected to expire this month, however, the renowned Meru water company license will be renewed for five years.

Speaking after a meeting with stakeholders in Meru town, WASREB CEO Julius Itunga, noted that MEWASS has met all the license conditions and has proved to the water regulators as a viable water service provider making them award the company a five years license to operate in Meru County.

“After looking at the milestones they have achieved we have been pleased by their work as per the license we awarded them two years ago even though there are a few gaps but we will seal them for the company to effectively continue serving the residents,” Mr Itunga noted.

Mr Itunga added that the stakeholders of MEWASS have given WASREB the go-ahead to license MEWASS for another five years.

He lauded MEWASS noting that a current WASREB performance report has indicated MEWASS in position eight out of 92 companies that were evaluated this year.

Itunga further noted that MEWASS emerged at position two in the non-revenue water category nationally. Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company was position one.

“MEWASS have an 18% water loss which is below the 20% set by the international standards which means that the company is doing well but I would encourage them to ensure the water loss would reduce more so that more people can get water,” Itunga added.

The WASREB CEO noted that the government is losing a lot of resources due to unaccounted water, also known as non-revenue water.

He noted that the government has started a crackdown against illegal water connections calling those using water illegally to visit their water providers’ office.

He warned those with illegal connections that they will be met by the full force of the law.

 “We have started an operation dubbed ‘lipa maji linda maji’ to ensure we don’t lose water in the country. If we reduce these water losses more people can access water. We are calling on various stakeholders and Kenyans to work hand in hand to curb water loss due to illegal connections,” he said.

MEWASS CEO Patrick Mugendi lauded the County government for its support of the company noting that this has enabled the company to perform well.

MEWASS CEO Patrick Mugendi

“We are happy because this puts us on the path of achieving our vision of “Making Meru happy” as per the governor’s vision. This license will offer the stability that will enable us to improve efficiency in our operations, enhance customer experience, and above all increase our water coverage,” the CEO noted.

Mugendi further noted that MEWASS is constructing a sewerage plant within Meru Town in a bid to improve public health and sanitation and curb improper disposal of human waste in Meru town, a project he said would be commissioned in December this year.

The MEWASS CEO added that the company is in the process of launching a project to increase water coverage and reduce water shortage in Meru.

Speaking MEWASS Board Members chairperson Mworia M’Mugambi lauded MEWASS for exceeding the expectations of the water companies’ regulator by providing sustainable and good water services in Meru.

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