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Why Capital Sacco is a model and benchmark for other cooperatives

Over the years Capital Sacco has maintained a steady growth in membership, members’ deposit, and asset base to stand out among the best fast-growing co-operative societies in the country.

Capital Sacco is no doubt Kenya’s most decorated cooperative society with an outstanding national reputation.

This exceptional Sacco stands tall in the cooperative movement in the Country and has established itself as a benchmarking center where other cooperative societies eager to learn effective Sacco business models come to.

High returns on investments and fair cost of products make the Sacco attractive. Members enjoy access to affordable credit products.

Additionally, Capital Sacco gives competitive returns year on year, with attractive dividends and rates on share capital,

Capital Sacco is also prominent for the affordability of its shares and loan products as compared to other Saccos. Purchasing shares at Capital Sacco is twice cheaper as compared to other Saccos. One share of Capital Sacco is only Sh 100.

This year Capital Sacco members had all the reasons to smile as the Sacco pays out dividends at a rate of 15%.

Generally, Capital Sacco has a broad selection of products customized to meet members’ needs. It also educates members on the proper management of finances and sound investment practices.

Excellent general service delivery and customer experience also endear members to the Sacco and are solid reasons for new members to join.

According to the Capital Sacco Chairperson Mr Jackson Kinoti, the Sacco shrugged off harsh economic realities in the financial year 2022 to post impressive financial performance.

“Allow me to say that the year 2022 was still a very challenging year noting that it was an electioneering year and still the impact of Covid-19 was very still alive with us. However, the board and the management team of capital Sacco put very serious strategic measures that helped the Sacco manoeuvre,” Mr Kinoti noted during the Sacco annual general meeting.

To continue providing its members with quality services, Capital Sacco is in the process of constructing a modern banking hall at its plot in Kionyo Market. According to the Sacco Chairman, the Capital Sacco will also be expanding its branch network as envisaged in its strategic plan. Mr Kinoti noted that Capital Sacco will also be seeking approval to construct branches at Maua, Mikinduri, Githurai, and Kitengela.

Capital Sacco is also one of the most digitized Saccos in the Country. The Sacco has constructed a network mast that will serve Meru and the wider region where the Sacco plans to put up more branches, a project that the chairperson says will enable the Sacco branches to operate with a stable and uninterrupted network.

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