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Clergy disowns pastor who murdered family as nanny opens up

A clergy has disowned a man alleged to kill his family, claiming that he has never participated in their activities and is not a member of the ministry.

Led by Mitunguu region Clergy Chairperson Rev Alex Gichunge, the clergy argued that Mr Boniface Mutuma who is alleged of killing his wife and child has never attended any interdenominational prayers in the area.

Mutuma is the prime suspect in the murder of Vera Kanario, his wife of two years, and her five-year-old son Caleb Muriithi, on March 25, 2023, in his house at Mitunguu market, Imenti South

“We are saddened by the killings that were allegedly committed by a man claiming to be a pastor. God does not anticipate a situation where one partner kills the other. That is not the type of death envisaged in the Bible. If you are in an abusive relationship, please quit.,” Rev Gichunge said.

Elsewhere a house help who worked for the family has revealed that Mutuma and her deceased wife Ms Kanario had frequent quarrels before the incident.

The nanny Ms Dorcas Karegi who was noted to have resigned a week before the murder incident claimed to have overheard Mutuma telling Kanario to take Caleb to his father. Karegi added that Kanario instead tried to convince Mutuma to let it go noting that she was carrying his baby.

According to Karegi the deceased has been deeply in love with suspect that she always chose to conceal her wrangles with his husband.

“She also used to give him money. Her son Caleb was a great cool boy and I treated him like my son for the three months I worked for them. I resigned because I felt this man was up to no good,” the nanny added.

The shell-shocked house help revealed how anger made him call the murder suspect on phone after getting information about the incident.

 “I told him he was the ‘devil’ and that the law would catch up with him. He however threatened to kill me and sent a scary message that I would be his next victim,” Karegi added.

On Tuesday, a High Court in Meru allowed police to continue holding Mutuma for seven days in a bid to investigate the murder.

It was also argued that Ms Kanario was five months pregnant during the incident that left the villager shocked.

A villager who sought anonymity told County Focus that Mutuma had accused the wife of cheating on him claiming that the pregnancy was not his.

The villager further accused Mutuma of always sending Bodaboda riders to demand payment from the Chemist that his wife worked whenever they carried him.

Speaking to a local media house Mr Simon Nkonge, the murdered woman’s father recalled how he had tried to convince his daughter to leave the murder suspect in vain.

According to Nkonge, the family landlord had hinted to him that the two were always in wrangles a situation that made him consider renting a house for his daughter. Nkonge however noted not to be aware when the two love-birds re-united.

“I was fearing for her. If she had listened to me this incident would not have happened,” Nkonge said.

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