CS Linturi ‘put brakes’ on Kathuri’s oversight ‘run’

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi has come out against the oversight remarks made by Senator Kathuri Murungi.

Senator Murungi had affirmed that he would carry out his oversight role on resources spent by the county.

“I will carry on with the oversight to ensure the taxpayers money is safeguarded,” said Murungi.

Linturi who seemed to defend Governor Kawira Mwangaza called on Kathuri to give leaders an ample time to work.

“Even as we strive to play our role in ensuring there is transparency in the National and County governments, may I put it clear that every leader ought to be given space to perform their duties,” said Linturi.  

Linturi said his aim is to safeguard the interests of Meru County by ensuring there is unity.

“As a leader from the Meru region, I will collaborate with other leaders to ensure that the agendas of Mwananchi from Meru are addressed by the head of state. This is possible when there is unity among leaders,” said CS Linturi.

The CS further praised the Kenya Kwanza government led by President William Ruto for ensuring there is fair regional equity in appointments of peoples’ representatives in various government offices and parastatals.

“I congratulate the President for equalizing the people of Meru in his appointments of various offices,” Linturi added.

The leaders were speaking at Igembe Boys High School during an education day.

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