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Double blow to Muguka farmers, traders as Kilifi County bans the stimulant

By Harun Mugambi

In a decisive and far-reaching move, Kilifi County Governor Gideon Maitha Mung’aro has issued an Executive Order, effectively banning the entry, transportation, distribution, sale, and use of Muguka within the county.

This comprehensive ban aims to address the growing concerns over the stimulant’s widespread use.

Governor Mung’aro’s executive order includes several stringent measures that include a total prohibition on the entry, transportation, distribution, sale, and use of Muguka and its products within Kilifi County.

The Governor further ordered the Immediate closure of all retail and wholesale outlets selling or distributing Muguka and motor vehicles transporting Muguka into Kilifi County.

Additionally, GVN Mung’aro has issued directives for all county departments and their agencies to enforce this order without exception.

The governor emphasized the urgency of the situation and the need for strict enforcement.

“All Kilifi County enforcement officers, through the Directorate of Enforcement, are to ensure this order is carried out in full. Any officer found colluding with violators will face legal consequences and all applicable disciplinary actions,” Mung’aro declared.

This sweeping decision comes barely a day after Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir announced a similar ban on Muguka in his county.

On May 22, Nassir directed all retail and wholesale outlets selling Muguka in Mombasa County to halt operations with immediate effect, citing the detrimental social, health, and economic impacts of the stimulant.

“By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and existing laws, I order and direct a total prohibition on the entry, transportation, distribution, sale, and use of Muguka and its products within Mombasa County,” Nassir stated.

The coordinated efforts by Governors Mung’aro and Nassir reflect a broader regional crackdown on Muguka, aimed at mitigating its negative effects on the community, particularly among the youth.

The bans are expected to have significant impacts on the availability and use of the stimulant, marking a pivotal moment in the counties’ public health and safety initiatives.

As Kilifi and Mombasa counties begin to implement these stringent measures, the focus will be on the effectiveness of enforcement and the overall impact on local communities. Both governors remain steadfast in their commitment to prioritizing public health and safety over economic interests tied to the Muguka trade.

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