Guarantee quality healthcare to residents, Senator Kathuri tells Governor Kawira

Meru Senator Kathuri Murungi has told off Meru County Government over failure to uphold quality health services to county residents.

Giving an example of high cancer prevalence in Meru County, Kathuri faulted the county leadership over the wanting health state in the devolved unit, citing failure by the latter to demonstrate determination in providing quality healthcare.

“The cancer scourge has visited most Meru household. Statistics reveal that Meru has the highest prevalence in the country. On the contrary, the County Government has failed to demonstrate zeal and vigour in the fight against cancer and providing quality health care to the people of Meru County,” said Kathuri.

Speaking during his first address to the County Assembly of Meru at the assembly building, Senator Kathuri noted that most health facilities across the county are either non-functional or do not meet optimal requirements of a health facility due to inadequate staffing and the unavailability of the basic drugs.

“To bridge the gap, I lobbied through Kamashinani Foundation for a medical consignment worth Ksh 12million. The Foundation entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the County Government of Meru that entails the receiving, transportation, packaging, handling, distribution, and monitoring of the medical consignment, which I believe in the short term will address the shortages,” added Kathuri.

Kathuri further revealed his committed in sourcing more resources to complement the national government’s allocation and the county government’s own-source revenue.

“In this year’s budget, I implore the Assembly to allocate adequate finances to specific programmes aimed at preventive and promotive health solutions at the grassroots level, in line with the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda of integrating preventive solutions in primary healthcare. This will, to a great extent, mitigate the burden of diseases that consume the income of many families, leaving little for investment, thus slowing down development,” said Kathuri.

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