I was vilified, insulted by Mwangaza in Whatsapp group- DG M’Ethingia

Meru Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ethingia has accused Governor Kawira Mwangaza of vilifying and abusing him on an official executive Whatsapp group in front of his juniors.

Revealing to the Meru County Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC), M’Ethingia claimed to have evidence of the vilifying messages.

The DG further alleged that the Meru Governor of sending offensive articles to the group.

“She would send an article of Kericho governor indicating how he stripped his deputy the mandates and later the Siaya deputy governor article which maybe wanted to indicate that she has been benchmarking from these counties,” M’Ethingia said.

M’Ethingia further revealed that he was pulled out of the group by the chief of staff whom he claimed could have been instructed by his boss the governor.

“I was pulled down from two groups, one that has the executive- that is the Governor, me as the Deputy Governor, the Chief of Staff, County Secretary, and Members of the County Executive Committee and the other one that has the county staff including Chief Officers,” M’Ethingia added.

According to him he never responded to the attack made by the governor in the Whatsapp group.

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