JSS teachers lament over poor salaries, demand action against TSC boss

By Gerald Mukembu

The Junior Secondary School Teachers (JSS) says they are struggling with the little pay of Sh17,000 per months despite conditions in the Country.

Meru County JSS Secretary General Lewis Kithinji said they their protests must continue until TSC takes action and obey court orders to employ them on Permanent and Pension bases.

“We are petitioning the President, TSC and Nancy Macharia to heed to our calls and employ us. We also urge the teachers unions to stop speaking for the Government saying there is no money as if they are in charge of Government coffers. The President should know we have siblings to feed and parents to cater for their needs,” Kithinji said.

Kithinji appealed to TSC to declare if they had exchanged their roles to MPs for the MPs to be giving employment letters to some teachers.

“TSC must stop corruption and discrimination. Why are you breaking the law. Is 17k not enough to humiliate JSS teachers?. Internship is for people not registered with TSC and not graduates. We want you to confirm JSS teachers.”
We won’t go back to schools, it must be Permanent and Pensionable or MPs issuing jobs to girlfriends, relatives and rich campaigners to teach those children,” he said.

Winnie Kawira, Meru organising Secretary JSS said they are not happy by disrespect and abuse by TSC boss Nancy Macharia.

“Why abuse that we are cleaners and painters whereas we graduated with bachelors from recognized Universities. Not unless you want us to show madness and be maniacs by paying 17k which is just peanuts,” she said.

She added that some of them had served about seven years as interns and were surprised to see that some learners they had taught were now being recruited before them.

She called on TSC to honor its employment formula and employ teachers.

The teachers said they will down tools and Paralyze learning once schools re-open until the government employs them on permanent terms.

Jacob Kalatu, Meru JSS chair questioned the criteria TSC uses to employ a graduate of 2023 but leave a graduate of 2016.

“No getting back to class even when the schools re-open. June budgetary allocation should factor in JSS. The Kenya Kwanza Government has no other option but to confirm us on PnP. The Court earlier ordered we be confirmed but Macharia is reluctant. We will fight for our rights to the last breath,” he said.

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