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Locals warned against one-man grazing in the insecure Tigania areas

Security administrators in the insecurity prone areas of Tigania have warned residents against grazing their livestock alone in light of the insecurity in the area.

Speaking while he confirmed the recovery of the body of a man who went missing on Sarturday, Chief John Mamira of Buuri Location in Tigania East constituency advised locals to consider notifying security agents whenever they head to the grazing fields.

“If one is grazing alone, it’s easy for the bandits to take advantage as there is no one to rescue or raise alarm to the neighbors and even to the security,” he said.

The body of the Lailoba missing herder was Tuesday found in Marindi forest disfigured with some body parts missing.

Chief Mamira speculates that the victim may have been dragged and eaten by hyenas after an attack by bandits as several livestock that include goats, cows and donkeys were missing.

The chief said that the search for the missing body parts is ongoing.

Alito Atuma M’ngatunyi, 57, was on Saturday reported missing after failing to return home from his daily grazing routine.

A report was made the following day at Muthara Police station and a hunt involving security officers, family and villagers kicked off.

M’ngatunyi was reported dead after his body was discovered with some missing body parts in the forest two days later.

His relatives identified the late with the help of attires he wore when he left home that Saturday morning and also his grazing stick.

The incident comes even as the region experience rampant cases of banditry attacks, with locals worrying of a worse scenario in the near future if the government does not react swiftly.

The body of the deceased was taken to Nyambene mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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