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Man posing as lawyer arrested

By Joseph Murangiri

Police in Meru have arrested a man who is suspected to be a masquerader, stealing from people as a lawyer offering services to unsuspecting residents.

Mike Okungu kigea allegedly never attended any law classes yet is practicing advocacy.

The Law Society of Kenya Chairman, Mount Kenya region, Joel Mutuma, has heavily disdained the education of the suspected quark in the field of law warning the residents to be careful when seeking the services of an advocate.

‘‘This is a warning to all masqueraders who are purporting to represent parties and swindle them by trying to draw pleadings or documents that are to be filed in court that will not relent on this fight of ensuring that our members of public are not conned.”

Mutuma has pleaded with the judiciary to take serious actions against such impersonators who are staining the professionalism of law.

The regional chairman pleaded with the DCI officers to arrest Okungu, pledging to report any cases of masqueraders in the country.

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