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Meru Woman Rep funds vulnerable groups in bid to economically empower them

Various groups of people Living with Disability (PWDs) in Meru County have benefited from economic empowerment funds under the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) kitty.

The PWDs groups were drawn from Gitoro and Makutano regions in the County received cheques of Sh 100,000 through the office of the County Woman Representative Elizabeth Kailemia.

Speaking to the PWDs caregivers and group leaders Kailemia cautioned the beneficiaries against misappropriating the funds, saying they were meant to help them boost existing income-generating activities or start new ones.

“The beneficiaries should ensure the money helps them generate more income and should not divert the funds towards unrelated causes,” Kailemia warned.

Among the beneficiaries were Kinoru-Kigore, Steve Messicks and St Lucy Gitoro groups.

Kailemia pledged to ensure more groups across the County benefit from the funds in a bid to empower Women, youths, and PWDs among others.

“I call upon more groups to apply for the funds, especially the PWDs groups. I also call upon various groups that have received their funds to use it prudently for the members to benefit,” Kailemia said.

The Woman Representative further warned parents against hiding children suffering physical disabilities in the pretext of saving the family’s face from the public.

She instead challenged parents living with children living with disability to present them for support to gain education through various programs run by both the government and non-governmental Organizations.

“Do not hide your child because he or she is disabled but instead bring them out and we will find out how we can help them to access education among any other help,” Kailemia pleaded.

Kailemia added that her office is up to the task and ready to counsel the disabled and provide them with assistive devices where possible.

She urged parents to overcome the stigma of having disabled children for the sake of their future, noting that thousands of handicapped children suffer silently in their homes.

The Woman Rep cited the dire need to empower the disabled economically through deliberate efforts to boost their incomes and living standards.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and appealed to the county government and other well-wishers to help them overcome their economic challenges.

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