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My security is jeopardized, my life is in danger, Meru Deputy Governor says

Meru Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ethingia has claimed that his life is at risk following the alleged disconnection of electricity in his residence, a move he says has jeopardized his security.

Addressing the Meu County Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) the DG accused Kenya Power and Lightening Company of disconnecting and connecting irregularly despite a communication to them by his personal assistant.

“It is like I got used to these frustrations of electricity getting disconnected, it became part of me. Food has been going to waste in fridges and freezers due to power disconnection. Electricity is also part of my security and my security is jeopardized,” M’Ethingia said.

He further claimed that the residence has a power generator but revealed that it has no fuel.

“The governor and Deputy governor’s residence has a generator but it has no fuel. Fueling it requires at least 500litres of fuel which is very expensive,” the DG added

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