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Senate report reveals Kawira violated law while re-appointing County Secretary

A report tabled by a Special Senate committee that has been investigating Ms Kawira Mwangaza’s impeachment motion has revealed that the Meru governor violated the law for failing to seek the County Assembly approval for the reappointment of the County Secretary Rufus Miriti.

According to the committee the evidence presented before it showed that the Governor made public pronouncements reappointing Mr Miriti to the position of the County Secretary and this was further corroborated during the oral testimony.

The Boni Khalwale-led committee added that the evidence revealed that Kawira did not seek the approval of the County Assembly in the reappointment of the county Secretary.

It was also revealed that the alleged appointment was not actualized with the issuance of an appointment letter as required by law.

However, the committee noted that the violation committed by Governor Kawira by failing to seek approval from the Assembly in re-appointing Mr Miriti does not meet the threshold for her impeachment.

“The Committee therefore finds that there was a violation of the law in failing to seek the approval of the County Assembly for the reappointment of the County Secretary but the violation does not meet the threshold for removal from office. The allegation is therefore not substantiated,” the report stated.

‘Governor ni mama’ survived an impeachment motion after the Senate dismissed the motion seeking to remove her from office.

Meru MCAs had passed the motion accusing the governor of infringing on her constitutional powers.

Some 67 out of the 69 MCAs supported the motion before it was passed and later tabled in Senate.

The Senate selected an 11-member committee that conducted a two-day hearing into the allegations.

Kawira had been accused of five allegations which included, nepotism, illegal appointments, unlawful dismissal and usurping of the constitution and statutory functions of county organs, incitement, bullying, vilification and misleading campaigns against other leaders, forceful entry into the assembly precincts and mobilization of unlawful riots against MCAs and violating of PFM Laws and lastly misconduct relating to the nomination of CEC.

Presenting the report, the Committee Chairperson, Mr Khalwale noted that none of the allegations against the Governor had been substantiated.

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