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A roofing firm trolled for using Mwangaza’s ‘Kabati’ slogan

A Kenyan-based roofing firm has had a hard time responding to irritated Facebook users who trolled and criticized their marketing post for bearing the slogan ‘Kabati Kabati’ commonly used by embattled Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

All manner of trolls were howled to the firm, even drowning the few people online who stood by it.

“Antu ba meru… kaende kaende na kabati mabati from Lifetime Mabati, visit us at Union Square building next to Meru prison to place your orders. Get a fade-free warranty of 10 to 15 years with free delivery to your site,” read part of the message posted by Lifetime Mabati a renowned roofing firm in Kenya with a branch in Meru.

Some Facebook users took this as a cue to mock the roofing firm.

The majority of the social media users slammed the company for using the ‘kabati kabati’ slogan threatening to withdraw their loyalty.

“If you use this slogan we won’t buy,” Albert Muchiri Munene a facebook user responded.

“Kabati kabati? Oh no not me! But as for Mabati I will roof my house,” George Mwithimbu said.

“Kabati kamoja kamoja can’t construct anything…. governor must go home,” Kiraithe Erick wrote. Hii trending slogan itaweletea shida kwa sales zenu. Kindly delete the post. You can use Mama must go,” Martin Murega Kilemi wrote advising the firm to delete the post.

“We dont need this things, kabati kabati. Useless,” Mwenda Collins replied to the post.

Wilson Maina called on the firm to think of changing the post.

Responding to Maina’s comment, the page admin claimed that the firm is following the current trend in its marketing.

“Wilson Maina has nothing serious with the slogan just flowing with the trend,” the page admin replied

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