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School slammed Sh4.5 million fine for posting minor’s pictures without parental consent

Roma School, an Education institution based in Uthiru, is among facilities heavily fined for failing to observe data privacy rights to data subjects and non-compliance to the Data Protection Act.

The institution was fined up to Sh4.5 million for posting minor’s pictures without the consent of their parents.

Also fined are Mulla Pride Limited, a digital credit provider which operates KeCredit and Faircash mobile lending Apps with a fine of Sh2.9 million and Casa Vera Lounge, a restaurant based in Nairobi, with a fine of Sh1.85 million.

The latter was found culpable of using names and contacts information of customers that were subsequently used to send threatening messages and phone calls while the former was found guilty for posting a reveler’s image on their social media platforms without the data subject’s consent.

The notice issued, Tuesday, by the office of Data Protection Commissioner are in line with section 62 and 63 of the Data Protection Act 2019 and Regulation 20 and 21 of the Data Protection (complaints Handling Procedure and Enforcement) regulations, 2021.

Data commissioner Imaculate Kassait advised facilities to comply with the data protection act by implementing data protection principles and safeguards.

She at the same time called upon data controllers and data processors to ensure that the processing of personal data is in accordance with the provision of Data Protection Act of 2019.

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