County Secretary orders Meru Deputy Governor to seek clearance from Mwangaza

By Harun Mugambi

Meru County Secretary, Kiambi  Atheru, has issued a directive requiring Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ethingia to seek travel clearance from the Governor for any official duty outside the county boundaries. This directive follows the Deputy Governor’s recent tour of Mombasa County in response to the ongoing Miraa woes in the region.

“Deputy Governor and all CECMs to seek approval clearance for any official duty outside the boundaries of Meru County,” reads the letter issued by the County Secretary in parts.

According to the letter, the directive will take effect Tuesday, 21st May 2024, and will see the authorization of the facilitation given after the Governor’s approval.

This move comes amidst a backdrop of challenges facing the Meru County leadership.

Mombasa County has been implementing stringent regulations on the sale and consumption of miraa, a move that has sparked controversy and concern among Meru County leaders and miraa farmers.

Meru Senator Kathuri Murungi ( second from left) and Meru Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ethingia (right) pose for a photo with Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Sherrif Nassir during a recent visit in the County to deliberate on Miraa issues

The ban has significantly affected the livelihoods of Miraa farmers in Meru County, prompting the leaders to seek intervention.

As the two leaders navigate these challenges, the new travel directive underscores the need for coordinated efforts in handling county affairs.

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