CS Linturi urges farmers to practice commercial farming

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has urged small-scale farmers to embrace commercial farming in a bid to boost the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

CS Linturi who is attending the 46th session of the International Fund for Agricultural Development Governing Council in Rome, Italy, called on the farmers to use adaptive farming practices noting that this will play a major role in sustainable food production systems and maximizing food production in the Country.

“We are encouraging Smallholder farmers to participate in commercial farming by embracing sustainable adaptive on-farm technologies as well as quality assurance for market access in the local and domestic markets,” Linturi stated on his Facebook account.

Linturi noted that the Kenyan government is prioritizing agriculture as its top priority in a bid to curb food shortage.

“The Government of Kenya through a bottom-up economic transformation model has unveiled agriculture as its top priority hence elevating the importance of food systems transformation,” CS Linturi added.

The CS further stated that the Dr William Ruto-led government will collaborate with County governments with the goal to transform agriculture so as to address food security and nutrition issues.

“IFAD’s agricultural transformative initiatives have therefore been timely in supporting the Government efforts of transforming our rural communities economically and socially, as well as promotion of gender equality and inclusiveness,” Linturi noted.

CS Linturi is accompanied in the 46th session by Kenyan Ambassador to Italy, Jackline Yonga, and Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Hon James Kamau among other delegates.

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