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Governor Mwangaza nominates controversial Bishop Magambo to Meru Municipality Board

By Harun Mugambi

In a move stirring political debate, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has nominated Bishop Kiogora Magambo, a figure shrouded in controversy, to the Meru Municipality Board.

This move has ignited speculation within political circles, with whispers of possible favors being extended to her allies.

Governor Mwangaza’s decision to nominate Bishop Magambo, founder of the Jesus House of Praise, alongside six other members for the Meru Municipality Board, has drawn attention due to the bishop’s contentious public profile.

The official notice, published in the Daily Nation on July 8, 2024, reveals the appointment of seven members to the Meru Municipality Board, along with an additional nomination for the Maua Municipality Board.

Bishop Kiogora has been no stranger to controversy, yet he remains a steadfast supporter of Governor Kawira, especially during her turbulent times, including impeachment battles.

His public image was tarnished when a photo surfaced online, showing him in a compromising situation with a woman, not his wife.

This incident sparked public outcry and allegations of marital infidelity, which Bishop Kiogora vehemently denied, attributing the controversy to social media manipulation.

Murega Baichu (from left), Governor Kawira Mwangaza, Dr. lucy and Bishop Kiogora/PHOTO COURTESY

In a more recent legal entanglement in June 2024, Bishop Kiogora found himself in court, seeking to halt Mbeu MCA John Muguna from auctioning his assets over a debt amounting to Sh300,000.

Despite these controversies, Bishop Kiogora remains a polarizing figure in Meru County, known for his vocal advocacy within the religious community and his ties to Governor Mwangaza’s administration.

The nomination of Bishop Kiogora Magambo, alongside distinguished professionals such as Kenneth Gitonga Ndegwa, Veronica Wanjiku Kariuki, Penina Kambura Mutwiri, Davis Kimathi Makathimo, Brenda Nkatha Mwiti, and Charles Kibiti Ikunyua, underscores the governor’s strategy to balance expertise and political allegiance in municipal governance.

Additionally, Stephen Christopher Mutembei has been listed as the sole nominee for the Maua Municipality Board.

The eight nominated members will be vetted on July 15, 2024, at the Meru County Assembly Chambers.


The Municipality of Meru was awarded municipal status on June 12, 2018, during the tenure of the then-Governor Kiraitu Murungi. Subsequently, in July 2022, Maua Town was also accorded municipality status, empowering it to be governed by a dedicated board.

Municipal boards in Kenya, operating under the Urban Areas and Cities Act, assume a critical role in urban governance.

 These bodies are entrusted with overseeing municipal affairs, formulating policies, devising strategies, establishing service delivery objectives, crafting integrated development blueprints, and managing information dissemination and publicity.

Through these multifaceted functions, municipal boards foster effective administration and sustainable development in urban centers and cities, ensuring their growth and prosperity.

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