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Meru bishop calls on Gen Z to balance activism and spiritual commitment

By Harun Mugambi

A Meru-based Bishop has slammed young people for failing to attend Church events despite showing up in large numbers for the protests against the controversial finance bill.

Speaking at his Church in Meru town, Bishop Patrick Kariuki, the Founder and Presiding General Overseer of Great Gospel Visioners International(GGV International), encouraged the Gen-Z to channel their vibrant energy not just into political activism but also into nurturing their spiritual lives.

This call comes on the heels of a recent protest where Kenyan youth, demonstrating against a controversial finance bill, courageously faced police bullets as they stormed Parliament.

“Serve God when you have strength and time,” emphasized Bishop Kariuki, recognizing the admirable drive of Gen Z in pushing for positive change in the nation.

He underlined the need for a balance, urging the youth to invest the same fervor they exhibit in activism into their spiritual growth.

Reflecting on the bravery displayed by young protesters, Bishop Kariuki commended their courage but raised concerns about their commitment to faith.

He questioned why some are willing to face physical danger for political causes yet find excuses to evade church attendance. The bishop urged them to align their dedication to activism with a similar vigor in serving God.

“Did you see the young men braving bullets? That is called being ready to take a bullet. And we saw the Gen Z exactly doing that. Suppose we have the same Gen Z’s in the forefront serving God? I’m talking about those who were braving the bullet to see political changes but are afraid of getting cold to come to church.” Bishop Kariuki noted

With a poignant reminder of the significance of spiritual service, Bishop Kariuki stressed that committing to God is a noble privilege akin to braving challenges.

His words resonate deeply as he calls on the youth to prioritize their faith alongside their societal pursuits.

The decline in church popularity among the youth is a growing concern, as highlighted by studies conducted by distinguished researchers like Fr. Sahaya Selvam and Rev. Gerald Kithure.

Factors such as inadequate faith education, societal influences, and tech distractions are contributing to low church attendance. Complaints of lengthy sermons and a lack of youth involvement in church decisions further compound the issue.

In a society where technology plays a central role, Bishop Kariuki’s words ignite a dialogue about the younger generation’s priorities.

As discussions continue, his message serves as a poignant reminder for introspection and a call to reevaluate the balance between social activism and spiritual devotion in the lives of today’s youth.

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