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Miracle Survivor of Police Shooting Recounts Ordeal

By Gerald Mukembu

In a harrowing account of survival, Charles Mwenda Kobia recalls the shock of a gunshot piercing his back and exiting through his chest.

Despite the near-fatal ordeal, the young man expressed gratitude as he left the hospital, emphasizing that he was not part of the protesting crowd.

“I’m grateful to God that the bullet hit my right side, or I would have died. I was 300 meters away from where the indiscriminate shooting occurred, and I wasn’t even participating in the protests,” Mwenda said, all smiles as he left the hospital.

Narrating the terrifying incident, Mwenda, a resident of Maili Tatu, revealed that he had been visiting his sister in Maua town when he found himself caught in the chaos.

“Had the bullet struck my left hand, vital organs would have been damaged, and I might not have made it,” he reflected.

Mwenda, who was hospitalized at Meru Level 5 Hospital, praised Maua Ward MCA Ithili for paying his medical bills, which allowed him to be discharged a day earlier than planned.

“I owe my recovery to God and the swift assistance of Ithili, who promptly settled all medical bills upon my arrival at the ward,” Mwenda expressed his gratitude, urging unity among Gen Z individuals for mutual support.

The 24-year-old, having completed his Form Four studies, condemned the excessive use of force by the police and urged them to exercise restraint during protests.

Nkirote Regina, a youth leader shared her relief that the Finance Bill failed and expressed her appreciation for Mwenda’s recovery.

Speaking on the collective fight against oppression, Regina emphasized that their goal was rooted in ensuring no injustice or undue taxation, asserting that the use of tear gas or live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators violated constitutional rights.

“We are grateful to God that one of our brothers has been discharged from hospital,” said Nkirote. “We were oppressed, and that’s why we came out to fight against oppression by the Ruto regime. Our aim was not selfish, but to ensure no oppression or taxation.”

Youth leader Dominic Kirimi extended his gratitude for the discharge of their comrade from Meru Level 5 Hospital, noting the financial challenges faced by the Gen Z community.

He praised MCA Mwenda Ithili for shouldering the entire medical bill and urged for continued unity and support among the youth.

Highlighting the need for accountability and responsible leadership, Kirimi lamented the unnecessary use of force by law enforcement during what had been a peaceful protest.

He paid tribute to the resilience of the youths in their stance against the Finance Bill, expressing solidarity with those who lost loved ones in the struggle.

President William Ruto withdrew the Finance Bill 2024 following widespread protests and condemnation of police brutality.

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