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The cost of my flight to US was Sh10 Million- Ruto

President William Ruto has responded to concerns raised by some Kenyans over the cost of his travel to the United States.

Ruto has clarified that the cost incurred for his travel to the US was Sh10 Million an amount less than what would have been spent if he had used a Kenya Airways plane.

Speaking during the Nation’s Prayers Day at Safari Park today, the President rubbished earlier claims that his flight used Sh200 Million.

He noted that he acquired the flight cheaply through the help of friends who heard that he was seeking a cheap plane for his flight to US.

“I am not a madman, when I was told the cheapest is Sh70 Million I told my office to go and look for the cheapest plane and when my friends heard that I was seeking an affordable plane they asked me how much I was willing to give. I was not willing to pay more than Sh20 million. They offered to give me a flight at Sh10 Million. I want to state that I am a good steward and when I tell Kenyans to tighten belts I have to lead from the front,” Ruto noted

The head of state travelled aboard an A6-RJU royal jet for both his outbound and return journeys.

Several reports have often characterized President Ruto’s enthusiasm for travel as so great that it appears that he cannot pass up any opportunity despite pressing domestic demands.

During his four-day state visit to the United States, President Ruto engaged in extensive discussions expected to cover debt relief for Kenya and the future of Haiti, Ukraine, Sudan, and other regions.

The cost of hiring the jet for his 4-day State visit was earlier reported to be a sum of 200 million Shillings an amount Kenyan said would have been far much less had he opted to travel with Kenya Airways and hire a private jet just within the US.

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