Police in Meru probe assault on Form One boy by teachers

Police in Meru are investigating an incident in which two Kaaga Boys teachers allegedly assaulted and seriously injured a Form one student in his private parts.

The punishment came after some students complained that he did not serve them their share of meat during dinner.

Confirming the incident, Imenti North sub-county police commander Ezekiel Chepkwony said after the incident was reported on March 23, and the P3 form filled the following day, the said teachers were summoned and released on cash bail, pending investigations.

“An investigation has been launched and it is ongoing. Once we find out exactly what transpired, we will take necessary action and those found culpable will be arrested and charged,” Mr Chepkyony said in a telephone interview.

On February 28 was a day for the 14-year-old boy of serving his 16 colleagues their favourite meal, which included beef.

After serving, however, they discovered that of the 16 pieces, 8 were missing. Students who had missed their share complained to the teachers and threatened to riot.

During prep time, eight of them were called to the staff room for discipline, after which they were dismissed, but as the boy was accused of causing the disturbance, he was asked to stay behind and receive a more severe punishment.

The minor said the two teachers assaulted him, with one of them hitting him with a cane and kicking him in his private parts.

“They asked me to bend down and hold the desk. I felt sharp pains in my private parts as he hit me repeatedly on my buttocks, I begged him to stop, but he continued,” the boy said.

He said he was afraid to report the teachers to the school management and asked the school nurse to allow him to seek treatment outside the institution. He was treated at a private clinic in Meru town and given an ointment to apply, but the pain did not subside.

“I suffered because I could not sit properly and walked with difficulty. I decided to endure the pain until the March 16 when we were allowed to break for the mid-term exams,” he said.

On arrival in Mombasa, he told his parents what had happened and the same was reported to Makupa Police Station on March 17.

Thereafter, the boy received treatment at Gama medical clinic in Kisauni.

According to a report written by Dr Ajoni Adede at the clinic, there was a “blunt object injury” to the boy’s scrotum and both thighs, which were also bruised. 

“The scrotum is swollen and tender, while both thighs are tender and have three 10cmx2cm bruises…scrotal ultrasound shows no bleeding within the scrotum…he also has post-traumatic anxiety,” the report says.

“The nature of the injuries is consistent with a blunt instrument such as a pipe or cable and probably kicking and punching. He must continue with psychological support for three months and a change of school may be recommended if he does not respond satisfactorily to counselling,” it added.

Leah Wangui Njuguna, a counselling psychologist who saw the boy at Micruth counselling services, also in Mombasa, says he is “traumatised, bitter and confused with many unanswered questions”.

“He is confused as to how teachers can be so ruthless, callous and unsympathetic when they are supposed to be his second parents. He wonders if they have children of their own and if they would want them to be subjected to such treatment,” Ms Njuguna said in a report.

Peter Mbugua, the boy’s father, said he was considering transferring his son to another school, noting that his first term of learning had been disrupted.

 But Mbugua complains that there is a conspiracy to cover up the case.

“I have received calls from some people in the school management telling me that I will be compensated, but I cannot accept that. My son was attacked and injured and I want justice because he’s now traumatized,” he said by phone from Mombasa, where the family lives.

“There have been attempts to settle the case out of court but the law must take its course so that the perpetrators are brought to book and stop torturing children for no reason,” he added.

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