Slum Revamp: Meru County to spends Sh250 Million on upgrading slums

By Gerald Mukembu

In a bid to transform the lives of residents in the largest informal settlement areas of Mjini, Salama, and Majengo, the County Government of Meru has launched a Sh250 million facelift project aimed at tarmacking roads, installing high-mast floodlights, and improving drainage and sanitation.

The ambitious project, supported by the World Bank, will enhance accessibility, businesses, and security for the approximately 10,000 residents in these areas.

According to Gitije Martin, Chief Officer-Lands, Planning, Urban Development & Public Works, the initiative is part of Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s administration’s commitment to improving the lives of Meru residents.

“We have conducted public participation using the PDP map and erected beacons on road reserves against people’s plots. We issued notices and once the time lapsed, we mapped out the roads. Most dwellers removed their structures from road reserves willingly. Those who had no money, the office and MP Rahim Dawood’s NG-CDF office chipped in,” Gitije explained.

Gitije Martin, Chief Officer-Lands, Planning, Urban Development & Public Works

The project will also see the installation of six high-mast floodlights to boost security and illuminate the areas.

In addition to the roadworks, the county government is also undertaking a pilot project to issue title deeds to five main towns and markets. This will ensure that plot owners in Maua, Laare, Maritat, Kiraria, and Kamachege are issued leasehold title deeds from the Meru Governor.

“We have already conducted public participation and everybody has shown beacons on their plots. There are no absolute title deeds but leasehold,” Gitije emphasized.

The county government is working in collaboration with the national government to issue around 13,000 title deeds in Meru.

Since taking office, Governor Mwangaza has prioritized the speedy process of finalizing issuance of title deeds in 19 open adjudication sections, with most of these sections located in Tigania and Igembe regions.

Gitije also praised Governor Mwangaza and President William Ruto for issuing over 4,500 title deeds to Ruiri Rwarera residents in Buuri.

The Sh250 million slum upgrade project is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of residents in Mjini, Salama, and Majengo. As the project progresses, it will be interesting to see how it transforms these communities and improves their overall quality of life.

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