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Activist calls on EACC to investigate Meru Governor over looting allegations

A Meru-based human rights activist has sought the intervention of the Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the alleged mass looting of public funds in the office of the Governor of Meru County.

In a letter dated August 11, 2023, Human Rights Activist Salesio Thuranira alleges that Miriam Guantai and Rose Guantai, all sisters to the Governor together with Nephat Kinyua Meme who is a brother-in-law to the Governor, work as Personal Assistant, Security, and External Relations Officer consecutively and are stationed in their posts to aid in looting of public funds from the county coffers.

Thuranira further claims that Catherine Nkatha Kathure, Secretary to Nahason Gatobu Alias Nchamba Mbithi has been receiving funds from the public coffers on his behalf and on behalf of the Governor. The latter serves as the Chief of Staff and the Accounting Officer in the office of the Governor.

Moreover, He argues that Lydia Nkatha is the alleged girlfriend of Nahason Gatobu and has been illegally receiving funds from the public coffers on his behalf and on behalf of the Governor.

To support his argument, Thuranira produced a lengthy extract of transactions from the County Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) that shows transactions made to the said individuals between July 1, 2022, and July 9, 2023.

The extract also reveals details of transactions made to one Jane Karimi Kaitha and the County Government of Meru for the period commencing July 9, 2022 and July 7, 2023 that he terms as questionable.

All these, he argues, are tactics in the office of Meru County Governor that are camouflaged to fund her every Sunday ‘Okolea’ project.

In his quest, Thuranira wants nepotism in the office of the Governor investigated.

He further demands that an investigation be carried out on the manner in which single individuals receive multiple payments in a single day and in consecutive days.

Besides, he pleads that a query be conducted on the huge amounts paid to sub-county and municipal managers in a single day.

He additionally demands a probe into the connection between the payments and the Governor’s self-branded initiative dubbed ‘Okolea.’

Still, Thuranira wants the commission to dig out whether the payments were authorized by the office of the controller of Budget, signatories to the aforementioned accounts established as well as a verification on the monies deposited and withdrawn from the aforementioned account.

The allegations, he feels, are a total violation of Article 10 of the constitution of Kenya 2010, on values; Article 129 of the same constitution that provides that executive authority derived from the people of Kenya shall be exercised in accordance with the constitution and that the authority shall be exercised with the principle of service to the people of Kenya, and for their well-being and benefit. 

He further notes that the lot violates and contravenes the public finance management Act no 18 of 2012; abuses of the administrative action Act contrary to Article 47 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010; leadership & integrity principles as provided under Article 73 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the Ethics & Anti-corruption Act 2012, on laws of Kenya.

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