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Concerns grow as activist goes missing in action after claiming life in danger

Distraught Social media users have raised concern over the whereabouts of Meru Human Rights Activist Salesio Thuranira Mutuma days after the renowned activist claimed that his life was in danger

The citizens expressed concerns over the safety of Mr Mutuma, a whistleblower who unveiled the scandal involving alleged embezzlement of the NHIF.

The last Facebook post made by Mr Mutuma who is a frequent Facebook user is dated 30th August, an incident that could have raised alarm about the whereabouts of the unafraid activist among various social media users.

“I haven’t seen him post anything on social media for some time and can’t reach him on his mobile phone. He is a great human rights activist and a whistleblower. Hope he’s well,” Jane Sherie a Facebook user posted.

Nimrod Munene Kirimi, a Facebook user recalled that the missing-in-action activist had reported that his life was in danger.

“By the way where did Salesio go? I hope he is safe because I recall him reporting that his life was in danger. Hoping he is safe and was accorded state protection,” Mr Kirimi added.

“I have not heard from him for two months and I am worried,” Lucy Fulani, another Facebook user posted.

James Kirimi argued that the famous Meru-based activist could be in hiding preparing another ‘bombshell’ case in defense of human rights.

“Huyu wakimguza tunachoma nchi na hii sio chocha(if anything bad happens to him we will take action). Hope he is well,” Holly Konvict wrote in Swahili.

“I was wondering as well. Does anyone has anything about him?” Abdi Kinoti a distraught Facebook user asked.

Efforts by the County Focus to reach the activist were futile as his cell phone was switched off.

Mutuma a resident of Meru, was the first to expose the NHIF graft involving hospitals that lured elderly patients suffering from arthritis, leaving some maimed and others charged for services not provided.

He however claimed that his life was in danger after the incident was aired in various media stations.

Mutuma had claimed that his wife was called by an unidentified person who warned that “she will soon be pursuing justice as a widow”.

“I reported the incident and recorded a statement with the police. This is a direct threat to my life and I suspect it is related to the NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) scandal. I am calling on the government to protect me,” said Mr Thuranira.

The incident was reported to Nkubu Police Station under OB 24/21/06/2023.

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