Kindiki fire warning to goons as political temperatures heighten in Meru

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has strongly condemned chaos that marred Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s event at Makiri area of Igembe South Sunday evening where locals slaughtered cow and burnt mattresses belonging to the Governor in disgust .

Kindiki said the violent chaos that involved criminals supporting Kawira and Mutuma must come to a dead end.

“The hunt for the criminals has been initiated by our security agencies and will round them up, arrest and prosecute everyone involed,” he said.

“Investigations will also ensue on the planners, abetters and financiers of the violence witnessed in the Igembe region of the County.”

Kindiki added that all Kenyan citizen must carry out their activities, whether political or otherwise, lawfully and peacefully without being compromised.

“No violence whatsoever will be tolerated as it undermines national security, the rule of law and makes our Country lag behind,” said the CS.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s event in Maua turned chaotic after angry locals destroyed some of the items she tagged along for donating to the public.

Angry residents decided to slaughter a cow and torched mattresses that the county boss had carried for the needy locals.

“We want to express our deep disappointment and condemnation of such retrogressive behavior. It is unacceptable to disrupt a charitable effort aimed at helping people in need,” read the Governor’s Facebook post in part.

“We strongly believe that the perpetrators of these heinous acts need to face the full force of the law. We call upon relevant agencies to investigate the matter thoroughly and take the necessary measures against those responsible. We must ensure this never happens again in our society.”

Eye-witnesses narrated the ordeal that forced police to use teargas canisters to disperse the protesting groups.

“They divided the meat from the cow and took it to their homes. Some mattresses were also torched, and the windows of the county vehicles were also destroyed in the chaos,” Muriithi, an eye-witness narrated.

Muriithi explained the chaos unraveled due to the immense tension between Kawira and her deputy, whom she allegedly locked out of office.

 “Igembe is actually the deputy governor’s home turf, and so many locals have been feeling disappointed with the woes that the DG is already facing in the Kawira administration. That could have been the reason they decided to reject the donations,” he added.

The governor was to make the donations at Makiri, the home village of Mutuma under her Okolea Program, a move that residents saw as a despise and arrogance against them.

“It was absolute chaos. There was a huge crowd. Police officers were present and Kawira was accorded heavy security as the melee ensued. The event, however, went on, with very few people and heavy security,” said Ntinyari, also a resident of the area.

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