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Meru family Seeks justice for 13-year-old hacked son

A family in Athiru Gaiti within Igembe Central Sub-county in Meru County is seeking justice for their 13-year-old who it claims was hacked by a neighbor due to what they attribute to land dispute.

According to the father’s boy James Mwiti, his son was hospitalized for one month due to the injuries he sustained from the attack.

Mwiti says despite the fact that the suspect was arrested and is in custody, his family lives in fear as some prominent individuals have intentions to bail him out.

“Some two or three rich people want to bail out the criminal and that is a worry to my family”, Mwiti said.

The victim, Alfred Mwiti says the suspect attacked him while he was outside their home compound as he prepared to go to school, cutting him severally for no apparent reason.

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