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Ministry postpones opening of schools as rains cause havoc on roads

School holidays have been extended in the recent changes made by the Ministry of Education.

Learners, who were expected to begin reporting to school on Monday, April 29, will now be expected to report as from May 6, 2024.

The one-week extension of school holidays comes as a result of the heavy rains witnessed in the country, which has led to floods on major roads causing unforeseen difficulties in the transport sector.

In his press release, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu said the ministry directed field officers to submit data from all Basic Education Learning Institutions countrywide, where adverse effects of the heavy rains were reported.

According to Machogu, reports received at the Ministry of Education and data from other relevant Government agencies, show that a number of schools in various regions of the country have been adversely affected by the rains thus there is need for taking precautional measures.

 “The devastating effects of the rains in some of the schools is so severe that it will be imprudent to risk the lives of learners and staff before water-tight measures are put in place to ensure adequate safety of all affected school communities,” added the CS.

The floods have not only hindered transport in various areas, but also caused deaths. Homes have been submerged in water, forcing displaced families to seek shelter in schools and other public institutions.

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