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President Ruto Dismisses Entire Cabinet, Keeps Prime CS

In a sweeping move, President William Ruto has dissolved his entire Cabinet, retaining only Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

The Attorney General and all other Cabinet Secretaries have been relieved of their duties with immediate effect.

President Ruto made this announcement during a nationally televised address from State House, Nairobi. “I have decided to dismiss with immediate effect all cabinet secretaries and the attorney general of the Cabinet of Kenya, except the Prime Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs,” he stated.

He assured the nation that government operations will continue seamlessly under the guidance of Principal Secretaries and other relevant officials until a new cabinet is appointed. “The operations of government will continue uninterrupted,” he affirmed.

The President emphasized that this decision marks the beginning of a comprehensive reform agenda aimed at enhancing government efficiency and effectiveness. “I will immediately engage in extensive consultations across different sectors and political formations,” he said. The goal is to establish a broad-based government that can accelerate the implementation of crucial programs to address debt burden, domestic resource mobilization, job creation, waste elimination, and the eradication of corruption.

Ruto’s commitment to forming a leaner and more effective government was evident as he underscored the urgency of these reforms. “We aim to set up a government that will assist in accelerating and expediting the necessary, urgent, and irreversible implementation of radical programs,” he declared.

The President’s decision has been met with mixed reactions from various quarters, reflecting the profound impact this move is likely to have on the nation’s political landscape.

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