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Ruto Mocks Raila over Monday and Thursday protests

President William Ruto has mocked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over his anti-government protests slated for Mondays and Thursdays every week.

In a comical expression, Ruto expressed hopefulness that the said days will soon become notable days that record the highest number of trades in the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Earlier this week Raila declared Mondays and Thursdays from next week as protest days, arguing that demonstrations will not end until President Ruto heeds to their demands.

“I am looking forward to days in the near future when we will be reporting every Monday and every Thursday to be the days that were traded highest in the Nairobi Stock Exchange,” President Ruto humorously said leaving the congregation in stitches. 

Ruto who was presiding over the listing of Laptrust Reit at the Nairobi Securities Exchange vowed to deal with individuals aiming to impede the nation’s economic progress.

He reiterated his commitment to foster the nation’s economic muscle, a vision he will vehemently guard to its fulfillment.

He affirmed that the government will take robust measures to ensure that no individual shall hold the economy, hostage, by creating “impunity, lawlessness, and disorder.”

The President further pledged to create a conducive economic environment for all Kenyans to operate in, one which he says will favor everyone to run profitable businesses.

“I want to offer my commitment that the business and investment environment in Kenya is secure and conducive on a sustainable basis,” Ruto said. 

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