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Top-notch mitigation measures needed ahead of ElNino rains, says Meru security head

Meru County Commissioner Fred Ndunga has called on steering groups to commence an exercise of identifying areas, in all the nine constituencies, that are most likely to be affected by the foreseen El Nino rains.  

Speaking in a boardroom meeting with the stakeholders, Ndunga noted that every department involved is obliged to aid in identifying all possible challenges in their relevant sectors for timely preparedness.

“The national and the county government is committed to mobilizing resources required to safeguard people and their property from adverse effects by the expected heavy and prolonged downpours in the first week of October this year. I call upon all sectors to commit to putting in place mitigation measures in our respective areas,” said Ndunga.

He further said that the final report by the sector groups will guide on the feasible mitigation measures in different parts of the county to contain possible flooding and pollution.

Ndunga urged the sector groups to move with speed to have the final report and the implementation matrix ready by the end of the week, adding that there was not much time left to the onset of the heavy rains.

Creation of awareness in all corners of the county was top agenda in the meeting to ensure residents have adequate information and are not caught up unawares.

“All players and partners in the county were bound in support of strategies geared towards mitigating the impact of El Nino since some parts of the county had traumatizing experiences during the 1997 El Nino rains where life and property was lost as a result of land and mudslides,” Ndunga added.

The administrator urged all humanitarian service providers to remain on high alert to attend to emerging situations, considering that the heavy downpours coincides with the national examinations at all levels of education.

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